The Identity of the Elder, Park Taesun


                    The Identity of the Elder, Park Taeseon

The opportunity to come to study about the Elder, Park Taeseon who established the Missionary Center(Գν) and the Faith Villages(), maintained the eschatology and has deceased 12 years ago can be attributed to the fact that no one has ever succeeded in realizing his dream until now, though many a sage devoted his life time to the study of the problem of the salvation and to the formulation of the theories. Then, the person who has ever left the most esoteric words about the redemption is none but the Elder, Park Taeseon.

He has cleared he is the creator and God who gave rise to

the universe and the life, disclosed the object of the creation

why he made the human being, revealed it's composed of the Satan, also unveiled why it eventually come to the death

and left behind the words how it can be freed form the death and live the eternal life. In addition to them, he has hidden the mysteries amidst the Chinese characters of the chinese dictionary, literature and history books, e.t.c. and noticed the advice by saying, "Who studies the Chinese characters can be ahead of the 2,000 years of Jesus."

In fact, as far as the theological problem is concerned, no body can raise the objection, the religion that is the most powerful and the most advanced than any other ones is the Christianity. If then, who studies the Chinese characters can be ahead of Jesus, the Head of the christian churches implies the top secrets of the God of which he had never known are buried in them like the jewels in the earth.

The writer who has studied the Chinese characters according to the Elder, Park Taeseon's saying, Who studies them can be ahead of the 2,000 years of Jesus", comes to find exactly the truths amidst them, such as the process of the creation of the human life, the entities of the God and the Satan, the conditions under which the mankind is inevitably doomed to die, the motive why the Creator has created the human being.

The Presbyter, Park Taeseon has set up the Missionary Center(Գν), the new religion independent of the christian church in 1955. He also has organized the cult, <Korean Christianity  Missionary Center Redemption Association>, held there is no salvation at the established churches at all other than at the Missionary Center(Գν), ignored all the other religion and pushed his business, religious or financial, hard self-righteously.

While from the base of Sosa, Beombag-Dong of Bucheon

City where he constructed the 1st Faith Village() at the beginning, the 2nd one of Deogso and the 3rd one of Gijang

succeeded one after another, he came to confront the various provocative accidents as following:

1. the problem of laying hands on as the matter of the sal-


2. The problem of the family disunion by letting divorce on

    the premise of the salvation

3. the problem of bringing on the public censure by laying

    his hands on the eye, with the water and in the special

    way, e.t.c.

4. the problem of bringing about the suffering among many

    a followers by letting them of the Missionary Center work

    for nothing and exacting the gift of the money

Besides these, the Elder, Park Taeseon had cause lots of the trouble, acting as the clergyman. A large number of the

readers might raise the question, what is on the earth the use of the study of the figure who had given rise to such a social criticism. Anyhow, the historical fact that he could not help behaving so to be denounced is according to the scheme of the creation which he had made for himself and the evidences to this were found by the people including the

writer who has studied the chinese classic with the Chinese


The writer doesn't mention of him to defend and protect his

activities that caused the social blame. He would like only to call the attentions of the readers to his manifesto that he is the Creator and the God, himself. Of course, there have been a lot of the man to and from the earth who have asserted themselves to be the God. And, while you might think the Presbyter, Park Taeseon is one of them, his sermon

full of the scientific and occult words betrays such a commonplace thinking. His preaching contains the truths too grave to be neglected, even at the brief consideration.

For instance, "Such a stupid guy! The object why the womb of the woman is created is absolutely not that you, human kind give the birth to the boys and girls through it and let them live happy and prosperous! The demons are doomed to

pour off it."

In fact, few could comprehend this words. The human being is destined not to understand it. As it is full of the suggestions of the lofty and mystic dimension, we are not allowed to let it pass by. This words means the human being is the devil.

The Elder, Park Taeseon had made the thunderbolt-like declaration in the early 1980, that he is the only God throughout the entire realm of the Heaven, who created the whole universe and the mankind. In addition, he had precisely

taught the reasons why the human being was created and why the God of omniscience and omnipotence had come down to this earth for himself incarnated and endured the prison twice and the prospect how the human will become in

the future.

However before that time, he caused various accidents contradicting the terrestrial ethics already. As the happenings

that he received the donation of the riches and that he made

the families torn off by forcing the couples to separate, e.t.c. went too far and gave arousal to the vehement reproach to the society, there could surely be the people who got angry just at hearing his name. The most of the accidents they proclaimed to have encountered can be true. In the social point of view, such misdeeds of the Elder, Park Taeseon are

worthy of being shunned by them.

In the strict sense of the word, the 80% of what he had done is the important words about what the leaders of the religion who study the salvation must do, while the remaining 20% is what can be criticized by the people. One of the conducts deserving of the reproof is to have dissolved the organization on purpose. It's the most unconvincing for him to rock the boat which glided on the water unnecessarily and to break up the brother-sisterhood.

As the group who took the Missionary Center(Գν) for the heresy held he had revealed himself to be the God by saying Jesus was a son of bitch, not knowing the resurrection and unable to give it, merely out of the petit-heroism, rather than the self-righteousness, in fact such a behavior makes the prudent persons ponder seriously.

When what the Elder, Park Taeseon has said is grasped on the whole, the missionary work becomes unnecessary. For the distinction between the people to be saved and the others not to be done is made in advance definitely. The white clad folk with the clean blood will be saved, while the alien with the dirty one will be absolutely not. And so, The Elder, Park Taeseon had committed the conducts worthy of the blame, finding no way of disorganizing the followers' group that believed in him as the their Saviour. Furthermore, it must have been the most shocking to the people that he manifested obviously that he is the Creator who has given birth to the human being.

The answer depends on whether recognizing him as the God

or not. It can be also be the problem of whether regarding his mysterious acts as religious or not. If we acknowledge him as the god, there will be no room for the controversy or the criticism. If not, he would be done justice with the severe rebukes.

The followers who donated the money even by selling their houses might have been moved in their mind to do so beforehand. Let us admit the special laying of his hands on the bodies claimed by some ones to be the truth. What would come, if it was not true that he coerced the women to

undress and let his hands be laid on their bodies and on the contrary if it was the fact that they voluntarily posed in the nude and were eager to receive the ceremony.

The cause why the Elder, Park Taeseon had put his hands on them under the name of the special ordination is cleared on the verse of the Gyeogam(̫ʰ) of the prophet book of Nam Sago.

                            ԳԳ  ҳԳ

                            ߲Գ˽  ز

The above phrases tell 'the only way to enter the Heaven, believing in the God is no other than for the male and the female to be united into the one body.' This prophecy itself contradicts the social ethics and in a sense, should not be written in the book. Therefore it seems well-founded and plausible he who assumed the title of the God asserted the blood exchange, let the married couples divorce and conducted the special services of putting hands on the faithful women. He has fulfilled what was foretold. In the point of the religious view, it's scheduled that the women should receive the grace of the blood exchange ceremony with the righteous man who gives the hands of the help for the salvation. Also there is the following phrases in the gospel song.

[As we serve the same Lord with the loving heart, we are the brothers, the sisters and the friends who become one body with the same blood! Let's faithfully abide by His grand will with the intimacy of a body and mind.]

When we examine the upper hymn, we can know the meaning of 'one body with the same blood' is analogous to that of 'ԳԳ ҳԳ of the Gyeogam verse

(̫ʰ). And so, the fact that Jesus let his followers chant

with such phrase as 'the brothers and the sisters of one body

with the same blood' eventually proves that he committed the

obscenities under the name of 'the Son of the God.'

As the Presbyter, Park Taeseon called himself the God and assumed the Saviour, he practiced the mating according to the male and female principles. There remains only the question, "Is he the righteous man or not? In addition, by that way the God of the Trinity who comes down to the earth

will koreanize the whole world.

Confining the person who could execute the special ordination only to the pure, clean and righteous one and warning the other ones not to do so lest they should go to hell forever, he separated the women from their men. Such an act was the most reproachable. However, the followers accepted, it seems to the writer, his laying of the hands, being convinced of the blood exchange for the redemption. While this serious and important problem caused much troubles for the society to criticize and blame for, there arose

little question within the boundary of the religion.

So to speak, it doesn't matter at all if he was the Creator who gave the birth to the man and behaved under that title. Because the Creator can do anything to the created, even in the way the most abominable to them and they are not allowed to raise any objection. If the Elder, Park Taeseon is the Creator who has made the universe and the mankind, all the one on the earth are created by him and the created have nothing to say against him about the way he manages.

The potter may break his works to pieces that he regards as

worthless. The third party can't poke his nose into the business of the potter, saying, "Why do you shatter the pot which looks tolerable?" Because it's up to the mind of the potter who creates the china, whether he breaks it or not.

In addition, it depends on the decision of the master of the dog, that he will raise the dog to devour or to let watch the house. Can the dog know the aim why the master feed it? It can't. It's just same with the human being. We have to learn about the object why the Creator has made us. Nevertheless, we can't know more than that we were born through the sexual relation between man and woman.

Then, the Elder, Park Taeseon said, "Such a stupid guy! The object why the womb of the woman is created is absolutely not that you, humankind give the birth to the boys and girls through it and let them live happy and prosperous! The demons are doomed to pour off it." It's directly associated with the creation of the human being.

Here, the words that the object of the creation of the womb of the woman isn't absolutely to give the birth to the babies through it and let thrive make us conclude not that Eve whom the Creator has made at the Eden Garden has produced the cursed mankind by eating the fruit of the good and evil at her own will, but that the Creator has created the cursed human being to be sent to the hell according to His predetermined plot. Such a word couldn't be uttered save the


In the other word, when the baby was born from the womb of the woman, if the baby is regarded as the Satan, it means that the mankind was created to be doomed to the hell. This is the scenario of the Creator. In this connection, the Elder, Park Taeseon has told the following dreadful words.

"It's me who created the absolute submission and also it's me too who originated the hell."

When we see he has made such a awesome remark beyond

the imagination of the human being, we can't but accept he is surely the Creator who commands the birth and death and the fortune and misfortune of the human kind. He can't mention of the mystic matters so precisely and resolutely, if he were not the Creator. Furthermore, it's only surprising that the words of the Elder, Park Taeseon about the creation of the mankind are found on the chinese classics.

The following sentences that prove him to be the unmistakable Creator, the hero of the vicious practice are derived from the interpretation of the chinese phrases quoted


Now, we arrive at the conclusive point to the extremes. Anyhow, while it doesn't matter whether we acknowledge or not, it's very important at the moment the person who unveiled the entity of the Creator on the scholarly ground revealed the Creator of the human being made it abnormally. He cleared the creation of the human kind was the vicious performance of the Creator. Now, let's unveil one by one.

The hero of the vicious work is the God.

I would like to discuss on the Creator, the hero of the "vicious performance" and the "vice" that made the existence of the mankind possible. As the Creator originated everything

of the universe and the human being and it was given the birth to by Him, there lies some difficulties in discussing on Him. However, since the Creator is the being in question who made the mankind incomplete, it's essential for us to make His entity clear to find out the reason why man is doomed to

die and the escape from the death. It's also possible, as He

has hidden the secrets of the Creation in the Chinese characters.

We can't find out the secrets otherwise than in the Chinese characters. Since the death of the mankind is attributed to His laying blame on the human being, He has to show the way for them to evade the death, according to the rule of

One who has tied a knot must untie it.

On looking the meaning of the vicious performance and the

vice through in the dictionary of the classical Chinese, we can find it out as follows:


The above sentence explains that the Creator originated all the things of the universe and the creation was the vicious work that should not have happened. In the other word, the creation of the man kind of the God was abnormal, so that

all the man became to have the character of the vicious animal. Like the sense of the vicious performance, the Elder,

Park Taeseon has left behind to the society the work that should not be done.


The vice signifies the wicked activities of letting the human being exist. It's evil that all the man should mate and give birth to their children just to preserve the species. If the Creator had made the man kind with His Word, it would have

been not necessary to express the vicious performance or the

vice. In the lay world, it means the crimes such as the murder, the robbery and the rape, e.t.c.

How dare we to call the act of the God the vicious performance or the vice, however wicked it might be? There is the expression, 'ϡ which is used against the enemy

with whom one can't carry the same sky on one's head.

           (rancor throughly against the Heaven)

           (grudge throughly against the Heaven)

As we analyze the upper phrases letter by letter, we can find the answer. Against where does the human being bear the grudge? It's the Heaven. The man created has the grudge against the Heaven, the Creator. The creation of the man kind by the Creator is the reason why the man harbors the God the utmost grudge.

Once the Elder, Park Taeseon had said, "I couldn't too much trample on Adam and Eve to death, if they who had committed the sin for us to be sent to hell at the very beginning present themselves again on the earth."

These words, needless to say, are the curse against Adam and Eve who let the human kind fall into the sin. Since the men cherishes the grudge throughly penetrating to the Heaven, against the Creator of the infernal life, it's natural that the Creator should not be welcomed by them. If the Elder, Park Taeseon were the Creator himself, he couldn't be

welcomed by the people. He should deserve the derision and

the criticism.

Also, the similar expression is the enemy with whom one can't carry the same sky on one's head, of 'having deep-rooted, unbearable rancor against '.  In the lexicon of the Chinese, they explained the sense of the enemy with whom one can't carry the same sky as follows:

              : [] ݫ


  ' The rancor throughly against the Heaven' has the same meaning with 'the enemy with whom one can't carry the same sky on one's head'.

We can interpret the expression as the following.

As the enemy is the father who inherit the original sin of the God, the rancor is eventually nursed against the God. Since

the God is the prime mover who puts the blame on the man and we can go back to the fathers of the fathers to meet the first ancestor, the principal committers who incurred the grudge on the human being are the father and the God as the accomplice to each other.

If we look the character, '㡮 of 'ݫ quoted from the classics, ' through in the Chinese lexicon, we can meet the following explanation:

                  : [] [] ު

We can't help surprising at finding the record of the ancient

Verse Book[] that the God had put the blame on Eve. On analyzing the above commentary, we can find out the record of what has been at the Garden of the Eden. Perhaps, the writers of the Scripture might quote from what was written in the Chinese. The letter, '㡮 means the carrying

on one's head, while the one, 'ꪡ of ' and the another, ' does the foundation, the sincerity and Eve, respectively. It conveys that at the very beginning, the God had let her alone, even though noticing that the sincere and good Eve were tempted to commit the sin and laid all the blame on her. In addition, the meaning of 'ު is that Eve among the

people wasn't guilty and that of '㡮 is 'Why is she stigmatized?'

Thus we arrive to the conclusion that only the Creator is the principal cause of the original sin and Eve and Adam were innocent after all, though they had been treated guilty for 2,000 years.

Though it should be pleasant that the man kind was given birth to, why does the man bear the grudge against the Heaven? The reason is buried exactly in the Chinese characters, "ʫ(the family head) and "(the conception).

                   ʫ  ()  ʫ  ʫ

In the above quotation, the family head(ʫ) stands for the man who give the seed for the woman to bear the child who is doomed to the hell. The first head of the family is the Creator. It's very astonishing and stunning that the first head of the family should give the seed of the sin for the woman to be pregnant of the ancestor who becomes the forefather of the hellish human kind.

Besides, if we look up the word, ' in the Chinese dictionary, it is used as below:

                       ()  ͨ

Originally, the conception meant the pregnancy of the highborn women, while the pregnancy just did that of the ordinary ones. However, what is meant by the conception in the Chinese lexicon implies that the women become pregnant

with the babies, who are all connected to the hell. It's truly amazing and strikes us dumb. It also surely prove the God, the Creator is none other than the hero of the vicious performance.

The human kind who fall into such surprising trap of the Creator, the hero of the vicious work as this continue to live on, taking the mate of the man and woman and the production of the offspring for granted and blessed. But in the sense of the Chinese characters the people living in the ending era unconsciously play the role of reproducing the hellish creatures that has originated from the strategy of the God, being taken advantage of by Him.

What shall we do, because it's not avoidable to be sent to the inferno, even after the comprehension of the above? The

posterity given birth to by the vicious performance inherit the evil to be destined to go inevitably to the hell. But remember

all the aspects of the world have the bright side at the same time, while they have the dark one. Even while the creatures made by the vicious act are doomed to be sent to the hell, the scions of the Dangun, the Son of the Heaven and the Ancestor of the white clad folk have to glorify the Creator, the hero of the wicked work on the contrary.

For we, [the Association of the Pan Nation's Activities of the Correct Recognition and the Worship of the Dangun] have finally found out the secrets about the creation of the human being that the Creator, the hero of the vicious performance and the vice has missioned the white clad folk to establish the new Paradise where they live on happy for ever, supplying with the resources, as the result of the study on the Elder, Park Taeseon who has appeared, claiming himself to be the Creator. If then, is all the current population of the Republic of Korea, the white clad folk blessed by the God?

Absolutely not. For us to know about this, we consulted the Chinese lexicon to find the following interpretation of the vicious man.

         (the vicious man) (1) ()

                                         (2) () ʦ ߾


The (1) of the vicious man means 'the intrinsic nature of the

vice never changes, however long the cultivation may last, as far as the fundamental is wicked.' In the other word, the aliens of the unclean blood can't become the righteous men, since the nature remains unchanged, however hard they work.

The (2) kind of the vicious man signifies 'they, even under color of the vice for now can proceed to be in the standing of righteously worshipping the God and offering the living sacrifice, after the assiduous cleaning of the body and mind by the hard work.' The white clad folk, the posterity of the Dangun, the Son of the Heaven is destined to know the entity of the God right away, since they are the lineal descendents of Him. These facts become cleared after our studying on the Chinese characters. We would like to refer to

the prophecy that the figure who make clear the process of the creation of the God as the above present himself when the right time come.

As the word of the "limit"() is looked up in the Chinese lexicon, the explanation is as below:

                       : [] ߾


The meaning of the "limit() is literally the maximum or minimum point that can't be exceeded. It implies the ending era when the meeting time that the God has set approaches to its limitation. Here, 'the meeting time' points to the moment when the God and the hero of the earth meet each other. In the other word, when the time when the figure who proves the God of the new Heaven shows himself on the earth come, we can say at last 'the meeting time becomes fully mature.' Since all the prophecy, the Chinese characters with which the happenings of the future are recorded were written for the hero of the earth to make the proof of the God of the heaven, they become obsolete, when the time when he appears to show the written evidence on the God of the Heaven and to make clear the identity of the Creator comes. This moment is just the one when the meeting time becomes fully mature.

As the letter, of the above word explanation means the presumptuous criticism and the another one, ߾ does the God, the overall sense of the phrase, ߾ is that the

true nature of the God is revealed, because the time becomes ripe. From what is expressed by the phrase, can be inferred that though the figure who discloses and blames the God lives ill-off at the thatched house now, he will experience the changes to be robed in the new attire in the future.

And so, it's predestined for him to expose the identity of the God and to be evidence of Him according to what was foretold about the meaning of the limitation. Also, the plan for him to betray the course of the God comes true just in confirmity to the time table of the limitation and then the world starts to change.

The Presbyter, Park Taeseon has preached as follows on foreseeing the appearance of the person who reveals the identity of the God as the above already:

"When that guy come out, I will be attacked to be shattered to pieces."

The figure referred to as that guy by Him makes the intrinsic

nature of Him obvious as He foretold.

In addition, the prophecy that the identity of the God will be revealed was made on the ancient Chinese verse book. If the

word, կ(presumption chaos) is looked up in the Chinese dictionary, the commentary is as follows:

                       կ: [] ߾կ

The meaning of the above word is to "make the fact that the original sin committed by Eve was not at her own will, but from the God who had induced her to do so clear".

Besides, the word, 'the self-assumed title () which implies the mention of the name of the God is explained as the following:

                     : []

The above explains that 'the self-assumed title means that the person presents himself, clarifying he is the Son of the God with the mention of the holy name of the God.

According to the Peach Talisman God Man(ݬ) part of the prophet book of Nam Sago, the God was foretold to come down to the earth with the holy name, "Park Taeseon",

to work and to return to the Heaven.

The Lord's Prayer supports the prophecy as the evidence.

                    Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who are in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy Name,

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Thine

in the Kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever. Amen.

The upper Lord's Prayer has been widely known not only to the Christian, but also to the non-Christian for the long time,

worthy of being called the spirits of the Christianity. Nevertheless, it's doubtful for the true meaning of the Lord's

Prayer which has been the solace to many a people for such

a long time to be grasped by them.

The prayer has to show clearly the subject who hears it. If we closely examine the Lord's Prayer, we come to find out there isn't obviously shown the subject who has to answer to the prayer. Though the Christian regard the hearer vaguely as

the 'God', here the 'God' is abstractly symbolical only of the one and only Being throughout the Heaven and the earth. Therefore for the Lord's Prayer to play the role as the sincere

prayer for the Christian, what is meant by "Our Father, who are in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name," has to be correctly cleared. Namely, for 'Thy Name of Our Father, who are in Heaven' to be holily hallowed, the Name of the God should be concretely made clear on the prayer that can be sincere and faithful to the Heaven.

Nevertheless for the past 2,000 years, they have prayed blindly, even not knowing the Name of the God.

As the necessity of having to know the Name of the God is

arisen surely on the Prayer, it's the indispensable duty for the believer in the God to have to know the Name of the God, if they faithfully believe in the God.

In addition, as we see on the Genesis of the Bible the Creator has named all the creature on creation, it's natural that the God who has named like such should come down to the earth as the corporeal being with a certain name.

The theory that the being that has created all the thing of the universe and named them is the God becomes irrational at all, if the being of the God were incorporeal, as the contemporary men are misunderstood.

There is the Words in the Bible, "So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun." Fearing the name of Jehovah in the west means being in awe of the name of the God who presents Himself to the east in the west, while praising the glory of the God in the east does that the eastern race shall glorify Him, since they are already accustomed to the name of the God.

Though there must be the name of the God like above, there has not been even a theologian of the faith for the 2,000 years, who recognized the name of the God.

But why isn't it wonderful that the name with which the God who descends to the earth works should be made obvious already in the prophecy written some over 500 years ago? Though incredibly awful, the fact that the Creator and Governor of all the matter of the universe come down to the Korean peninsular in the ending era, incarnated and named is

clearly recorded in the Peach Talisman God Man(ݬ) part of the prophet book of Nam Sago.[refer to the book,  'Jeong rises, Lee falls in the ending era'(written by Baeg Haengung)]

According to what is shown in the 2 prophecies, the White Horse Prince currently presents himself to make clear the identity of the Creator that the Presbyter, Park Taeseon be certainly the God of the Heaven and the earth as the above.

For the more details, please refer to [Lee falls in the ending era(annotator: Baeg Haengung)], [Dangun is the Son of the God(author: Bang Jinyong)], [The White Horse Prince of the prophecy of Nam Sago].






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